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Song Plugging
So, you've created a great song and now you want to get it into the hands of the decisions makers (producers, managers, artists, etc.), but you don't know how, and besides, you'd prefer to just write and play your music and not have to handle the business side.  We understand, and that's what we at 1423 Music Nashville can do for you.
Many of the large publishers will have song pluggers on staff to promote / pitch / plug their collection or "catalog" of songs, but for the 1000's of independent songwriters not affiliated with a publishing company they're left with only two choices - plug their own songs or work with an experienced song plugger to do it for them.  The latter choice is especially convenient when the songwriter doesn't live near one of the major music centers of Nashville, Los Angeles or New York.  The travel expenses alone can be put to better use to get their songs heard.
1423 Music Nashville is set up to provide these services for you in the Nashville market.  We'll listen to your songs, and once they clear one of our Song Review Sessions we'll plan a strategy for their best presentation.  As one of our clients, you'll also be added to our Hot Line which will keep you informed of what artists are looking for songs and what type they're looking for.
Because of the ever increasing number of songs being submitted for our Song Review Sessions for either our Publishing and / or Song Plugging services we're sorry but we are no longer able to respond to each and every submission.  If a song you submit clears one of our Sessions we'll be in touch within 48 hours, otherwise it's safe to assume the song was not accepted.  If you want to ensure you receive specific feedback on any particular song that you submit, then we'd like to refer you to our Song & Lyric Critiquing page for more details.
If your songs are ready, so are we!  Postal and email addresses are found on our Contact page.
Please review the guidelines established for proper submission of songs & lyric sheets here.

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