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Song & Lyric Critiques
We know, you've created a masterpiece, the next #1 for George, Reba, Keith, Kenny or Martina and you don't want ANYONE messing with it.  Well, it's great to have a good feeling about your own songs, but the fact is there are a variety of fine points that separate good songs from better songs, and better songs from the best songs, and the best songs from the truly GREAT!  How do your songs compare?  We can let you know.
We review every aspect of a song - vocals (lead and back up), instrumentation, lyrics & melody, etc. and then provide you with a complete report so you'll know how well you're doing.  We'll distinguish the strengths as well as any weaknesses we hear, and then offer suggestions to guide you in your efforts to create great songs!
For those of you who are strictly lyricists we're here to help you, as well!  Even though you may not be a musician and able to write your own music, or have someone else write it for you, your work is STILL just as important, and it deserves just as much care in creating the best possible lyric you can create.  It's a special craft, and it deserves equal attention.

Please review the guidelines established for the proper submission of songs & lyric sheets hereThen pay with PayPal (you don't need to have a PayPal account) and click on the "Song Critique" link.  We'll follow up with you to verify your payment and materials have arrived.

Make your selection of how many songs you wish for us to critique and then click on the PayPal motto below.

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