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Whether you're in Nashville or thousands of miles away, getting your songs into the hands of decision makers is just part of the process on your way to potential success in the music industry.
You do the writing, and 1423 Music Nashville will provide your representation in the industry.  Knowing what to do after you've written that hit song can sometimes be a challenge.   Many songwriters just want to write and not have to be sidetracked by having to handle the business side of their career.
We encourage ALL songwriters who are serious about creating a future for themselves in this business to take their careers seriously and learn BOTH sides - the creative & the business sides.  That doesn't mean you have to know and understand every single detail about the business side, but a basic understanding can help you feel better about the advise someone else is offering you regarding your songs, songwriting deals, demos, royalties, etc.
1423 Music Nashville has been created to assist you in taking the next steps in your career.  We'll start by listening to the songs you've created, and when a song passes one of our weekly Song Review Sessions we'll let you know.
Because of the ever increasing number of songs being submitted for our Song Review Sessions for either our Publishing and / or Song Plugging services we're sorry but we are no longer able to respond to each and every submission.  If a song you submit clears one of our Sessions we'll be in touch within 48 hours, otherwise it's safe to assume the song was not accepted.  If you want to ensure you receive specific feedback on any particular song that you submit, then we'd like to refer you to our Song Critiquing page for more details.
When we notify you that your song has been accepted we'll also discuss your options with you, including the potential publishing and promoting / song plugging phases.

If your songs are ready, so are we!  Postal and email addresses are found on our Contact page.
Please review the guidelines established for proper submission of songs & lyric sheets here.

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